Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to sport under-display fingerprint sensor

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to sport under-display fingerprint sensor:

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is not even two months old and so soon the rumor mills have started speculating about the next generation model – the Galaxy Note 9.
The report states that the Galaxy Note 9 will mostly be unveiled in Q3 2018. Recently, we came across a report that the Android device makers are focusing more on the 3D sensing technologies instead of under-display fingerprint sensor after the launch of the iPhone X. The report cited that Samsung might stick onto the under-display sensor in the Note 9.
There are three companies vying to be the supplier to Samsung, of which, BeyondEyes and Samsung LSI have already reported to have shipped samples to Samsung. Egis is another company in the running, who currently supplies fingerprint sensors for Samsung’s phones. Kuo believes that the under-display sensor might just be a stop-gap till Android OEMs can figure out how to match or exceed Apple’s Face ID implementation on the iPhone X.
With the launch of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ with the elongated Infinity Display, the fingerprint sensor had to be repositioned to the back next to the rear camera. Eventually, the users of these smartphones end up smudging the camera lens if they have to unlock their phone. With the Note 8, the company planned to implement the under-display fingerprint sensor but could not ready the technology before the launch of the device. Eventually, the company placed the LED flash and the heart rate sensor between the fingerprint sensor and the dual camera setup at the rear. For now, there is no word regarding the presence of the under-display fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy S9 and S9+ smartphones. We can expect these smartphones to have a similar arrangement as the Galaxy Note 8.

Given the information let out by the analyst Kuo, Samsung might make it possible for the users of the Galaxy Note 9 to unlock their device just by placing their finger on the part of the screen that has the optical fingerprint sensor. It is claimed that three companies are attempting to strike a deal with Samsung in order to supply the necessary component for the under-display fingerprint sensor. In fact, Samsung LSI and Beyond Eyes have already provided their samples.

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