HTC One M9 64GB Internal Storage


HTC One M9 in truth apart from the possibility that a number of the options from the MIA HTC One M8 Prime may create it across, we do not extremely know something in any respect. This phone was supposedly attending to have a QHD display, a snapdragon 805 processor, 3GB of RAM, a waterproof body and a lot of megapixels within the camera, all of which might make sense for the HTC One M9.

The phone HTC One M9 is slightly smaller and easier to carry. The rear UltraPixel camera has been swapped out for a a lot of ancient 20MP shooter. Sense seven provides you such a big amount of new ways that to share and edit photos, and it’s easier to try and do as well similarly.

HTC had told that the device would offer 32GB of internal memory ,  no different variant was declared. It’s price mentioning that the Taiwanese company’s previous flagships.  LlabTooFeR also said that the 64GB One M9 can hit the market later this year in some regions. unneeded to mention, the news hasn’t been formally confirmed by HTC, therefore like all rumours take it with a pinch of salt.

It has 20 MP camera with sapphire camera cover lens to deliver crisp, clear photos. Front-facing stereo speakers with inherent amp and dolby Audio surround for the last word audio expertise. it’s Dual-tone all-metal body options reflected edges that ar ergonomically tapered to effortlessly suit your grip in htc One M9.

Another feature to stay it protected is with dirt and water resistance. we do not ought to be ready to take it swimming, however knowing that it might survive a spill or  rain will surely be calming and currently that Samsung and Sony area unit each water and dirt proofing their phones there is little excuse for HTC to not do identical.

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