Google Pixel 2 Facing Heating | Battery Issues After Feb Update

Google Pixel 2 facing heating and battery issues:

It would appear that the Pixel 2 Feb Update has brought along some real issues. A great deal of clients, both at Reddit and additionally Google’s own forums, are whining about their units getting warm (even with ordinary use) and battery depleting similarly speedier.

google pixel 2 facing heating and battery issues after febraury update

On the off chance that you investigate these online communities as well as you want, there are a few clients who say they aren’t confronting any such issues, yet their number is truly little contrasted with the individuals who are whining.

Furthermore, numerous have affirmed these issues while the phone is in experimental mode, so the likelihood of outsider applications being offender is unmistakably precluded. Google is yet to authoritatively offer a word on the issue

In the event that you have likewise been confronting comparable issues after the most recent fix, do tell us in remarks beneath so that we can easily understand what exactly you are facing problem with device.


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